The New Way to request your transcript. request your certificates. request your Letter of Attestation. request your Verification Letter.

The Clearing Hub is a secure distribution network for high value educational documents in Ghana. It is a robust and secure platform, owned and managed by Inpath Technologies Ghana Limited, providing secure document processing services institutions in Ghana.

We adopt very intuitive and modern technology to ensure we manage a secured distribution network, while maintaining user confidentiality with a strict privacy policy.

What We Do

The Clearing Hub delivers a technology-based service to graduates who require to obtain qualification documents from their institutions in Ghana, regardless of their location. The platform is designed to fulfill these requests in quick steps of requestor validation, processing through the institutions, and delivery by our logistics partners, all within our committed service time. This process eliminate the cost and burden of potential travel to the institution, currently associated with such requests, and delays due to administrative bottlenecks. For all services on offer, The Clearing Hub works in collaboration with all of the partner institutions to provide real time tracking of your requests, until fulfilment.

Transcripts and Request for Documents for Tertiary Institutions

We work with universities and colleges in Ghana to manage transcript request and other documents requests - includinng Certificate, Transcripts, Letters of Recommendation, Letter of References e.t.c and manage a secure priority delivery to you or your preferred destination with our courier partner. The Clearing Hub commits to an SLA with all requests, thus ensuring we would be delivering your documents to your preferred destination securely, and in the fastest possible time.

Our Commitment

Our focus is to operate a service within a private and secure environment that can be wholly trusted by our partner institutions. We are committed to total non-disclosure of any personal information that would be transmitted via our secure portal, within the confines of the law.