Inpath Technologies takes pride in its strong information policy that ensures we maintain the trust of our users and partners in managing the information we collect, in the course of delivering our services. We are wholly committed to protect the information you provide from unauthorized disclosure, and use for any other purposes aside of the requested service.

The following sections outline what information we collect, how we do so, and the limits to which we share them to be able to deliver the services to you.

What Information we collect

We collect information entered into the website for purposes of registration, service request or payment. This information would typically consist of biodata, and educational information, depending on the related service.

We also collect information through the use of cookies in certain aspects of the website, to provide a more personalized experience using our platform. Cookies are small pieces of file that hold information specific to a user, as they interact with a website and are accessible by the webserver and the user computer. Information like IP address, device characteristics, and a record of your activities on our website are automatically saved by cookies. However, cookies are only active per session, thus are automatically deleted once the browsing session is ended.

Depending on your device settings, our website might collect information on your location, and device type. Inpath Technologies has no control over your device settings, and thus does not define when this sort of information is collected or not.

How we use information we collect

For all information that is requested on our website, they would be used for the purposes of processing your requested documents with the appropriate bodies or institutions. For educational institutions, this may include posting of your name, use of your logo, on our website, as an institution that has accepted to use Inpath Technologies’ services. Other uses include conducting trend analysis, marketing and advertising of new products, services and special offers. As a user, you would have the option out of these initiatives within these sort of communications (email or SMS).

What parties we share your information with

User data protection is very central in our information management model, and we do not sell, rent or trade personal information or educational records with any parties or organizations. Inpath Technologies would share information with partner institutions or organizations to facilitate processing your requests.

Information Protection

We adopt a combination of modern security technology, and strict work policies to ensure that every information transmitted through our portal is protected and secured from unauthorized access. Like every web technology, we cannot guarantee full proof security, but some of the measures below outline steps that have been taken to protect information of our users and partner institutions.

  • All user connections to our web server are secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, thus all information, including payment and card information transmitted to our website is encrypted and protected from intrusion.
  • Access to the system utilizes a username and a password. The activation of such requires email verification, thus validates that only the right owner of the account is using it. However, Inpath Technologies shall not be responsible for access into your account with the use of your valid username and password. We advocate non-disclosure of your password to anyone, and periodic changing of your password information to protect you.
  • Inpath Technologies undertakes not to violate the privacy of any payment information transacted through any of the payment systems integrated with our service, which is TheTeller.